Seasonal, local, sustainable.


What We Do

Located in Union Pier, MI, Two Peas Farm & Flowers produces sustainably grown seasonal flowers, all-natural skincare, and free range eggs from happy ducks and hens.



Who We Are

My name is Angie and this is my son “M.” We’re the “two peas” of Two Peas Farm & Flowers. What began as Little Flower Stand in Chicago, IL, has grown into something more, and with that, so have we. At the end of 2017, my son and I moved out of the city to a 10 acre property in Union Pier, MI, with the dream of expanding our flower business. Through a lot of hard work, and a commitment to our vision, this little business has taken on a new life. Check out our story on the slow flowers podcast!

In addition to flowers, we sell farm fresh eggs and all-natural skincare. Visit our flower market on the weekends, 17064 lakeside rd in Union Pier, MI, on saturdays and sundays, may through mid-october. Delivery to chicago during the week. email us to place an order, inquire about floral design services or to learn more. Member of the AScfg and Slow Flowers.*